Karl Heinz Jeron • 2017

mixed media installation with animatronics, speech synthesis, and twitter content tagged with #constraints

The work is about a thought experiment on constraints.
It explores how reality and identity are constructed. It uses texts and images from social media tagged with constraints.

The animated objects are hypothetical machines, machines that represent play and experiment to capture reality. The best known hypothetical machine is the Perpetuum Mobile. A device that keeps moving without any additional energy input, while still doing work, which is impossible under the laws of physics.
Factual constraints are also thought experiments and speculative stagings. The staging claims that identities are constructed through the comment feature on Twitter, Facebook, Google & Co. Nothing is true – everything is possible? The huge data pool and the all-pervasive images of digitized pop culture lead to a virtualization of identity in which the comments on the social networks have a higher degree of being than the true ego. It is about the effect of this as-if-authenticity on the possibility of forming an identity.