Nervous Field — ART+COMMUNICATION 2014 Riga

By Karl Heinz Jeron • 15 May 2014

The 16th International Festival for New Media Culture
Riga, May – August, 2014
International Festival for New Media Culture “Art+Communication” is renowned for its proposed innovative themes. Each year festival gathers around hundred participants from all over the world to discuss most recent ideas and tendencies in art, society, science and technology development.

Festival will feature conference “Renewable Futures” and workshops on art, science, culture of innovation and sustainable businesses, as well as audiovisual performances for the broader public in RIXC Media Space and Spikeri Quarter.

*Fields – patterns of social, scientific, and technological

The changing role of art in society is one where it does not just create a
new aesthetics but gets involved in patterns of social, scientific, and
technological transformations. The exhibition Fields presents a lively
landscape of art that challenges existing viewpoints, deconstructs social
issues, and proposes positive visions for the future. Artists in the Fields
exhibition make new combinations of existing fields-as-in-disciplines -
fusing and navigating between the social and the natural, the scientific
and the emotional, the sensible and the actual in imaginative ways.

The exhibition will show approximately 40 artworks by artists from all over
the world, but with a special focus on Central, Eastern and Northern
Europe. The exhibition will be accompanied by a festival Art+Communication
program with public lectures and Renewable Futures conference, as well as a
concert and live performances

Curators – Raitis Smits, Rasa Smite (Latvia) and Armin Medosch (Austria).
Producer – RIXC.
Artists – Oliver Ressler, Shu Lea Cheang, Lisa Jevbratt, Superflex, Gints
Gabrans, Marko Peljhan, Karl-Heinz Jeron, Robert Adrian X, Cecile Babiole,
Voldemars Johansons, Erich Berger, Martins Ratniks, Hayley Newman, Annemie
Maes, YoHa, Martin Howse, Franz Xaver, and many more.

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