Friday April 27th, 2018


Harvester Arts in Wichita, Kansas on April 27th, 2018

This exhibition features works from sixteen artists based in six different countries around the world. All pieces in the gallery are created at a distance, in the artists’ absence. This is a multimedia experiment including video, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, audio, performance, and interactive art.

Exhibiting artists include:
Lisa Alpers, Denmark
Jason Bernagozzi, USA
Craig Black, Scotland
Sara Bonaventura (with Annamaria Ajmone), Italy & Singapore
Caitlin Cocco, USA
Caleb Foss, USA
Roberto Jackson Harrington, USA
Jeremy Jams, USA
Karl Heinz Jeron, Germany
Laura Leppert, Germany
Christopher Mackie, USA
Ellen Mueller, USA
Vladimir Palibrk, France
Volker Schütz, Germany
Clint Sleeper, USA
Loraine Wible, France & USA