Saturday April 18th, 2015


An exhibition by Torque at Furtherfield, London




Open Saturdays and Sundays 11am – 5pm -11th, 12th, 18th & 19th April, 2015

with performances by Tim Etchells and Alex McLean (11th April)
and Claire Potter and Mez Breeze (18th April)

being being read being reading being read and reading beings is an exhibition by Torque (Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner) that unpacks the project’s first year through the lens of its most recent research subject: reading.

Torque is a project that explores conflations of mind, language and technology, across publications, performance, symposia, workshops and installations. For the exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery, each of the three gallery spaces will comprise an archival revisiting of a publication produced over the last year by Torque, along with the events and artworks that surround its conception.

Using a variety of performance documentation, text, sound and video works, the gallery will become a hypermedia reading room, for visitors to explore both the Torque project and its publications to date, but also the act of reading itself.

Room 1 will be dedicated to the Torque #1 publication ( and related workshops and performances. This will include artworks from Mez Breeze, Karl Heinz Jeron, Alex McLean, and a composition by cellist Oliver Coates, as well as texts from neuro-archeologist Lambros Malafouris and professor of political aesthetics Esther Leslie.

Room 2 will present The Opticon newspaper, produced over two days at Tate Liverpool focusing on themes of privacy and surveillance, in particular machinic reading, big data and the phenomenology of ‘being read’. Comprising contributions from over 100 gallery visitors, poets, artist Erica Scourti and professor of social media Christian Fuchs. Copies of the newspaper will be available free to visitors.

Room 3 will launch a new interdisciplinary digital and print publication exploring reading today, in particular the impact of technology upon it. Including new texts by Tim Etchells, Katherine Hayles, Nina Power, Garrett Stewart and Soenke Zehle, produced following The Act of Reading symposium at FACT, Liverpool and a performance event at Static Gallery. This room will also feature new video works by Jones and Skinner synthesizing and investigating reading-related pathologies and pedagogical systems.

Jones and Skinner will be in the gallery throughout the exhibition presenting their work, and asking members of the public of all ages to contribute to ongoing works informed by their experiences and conversations.  These works in process will be shown as sound and print broadcast and ‘published’ on the exterior of the gallery building using external speakers and poster artworks.