Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Clubnetz AR @ Transmediale

Blank & Jeron supported by Sakrowski
Di, 28.01.2020
20:00 to 20:30
HKW – Exhibition Hall 1

Clubnetz was an early internet chat project in the 1990s Berlin art and techno scenes. Hosted from 1994 in clubs and bars like Frisör, WMF, and Tresor, Clubnetz manifested itself through hardware terminals that allowed visitors to connect not only to each other, but also to the internet. For many, it was certainly the first time online, as internet connectivity was not as commonplace then as it is today. A recently developed app has now transformed Clubnetz into an instant messaging service, which was used for a live-chat performance at the exhibition opening. The performance documentation is accessible through a virtual AR sculpture of chat logs that are seemingly immaterial, but will possibly remain for eternity.

The piece is only viewable through an AR (Augmented Reality) app. Further instructions can be found in the exhibition space.