Saturday June 4th, 2011

Fresh Music For Rotten Vegetables — Ausland Berlin

Fresh Music For Rotten Vegetables

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June 2011 – 13:00

rotten veggies

A workshop and a concert with DIY sound devices. The devices will be powered and controlled by fruits and vegetables.

Rotten vegetables are not waste but a valuable commodity from which energy can be drawn. The workshops attendees will source waste food locally (e.g. farmer’s market) and build a unique sound device from simple and most affordable electronic components. The change of the electrochemical state of the fruits and vegetables will affect the tone, timbre and loudness. In the evening after the worksshop the participants will perform a concert with their
electronic instruments built while the workshop. Be prepared for a cacophony of bleeps, beeps and hums.

While waste and energy consumption are central to current world wide debates, Fresh Music for Rotten Vegetables introduces the basic principles of turning the chemical energy from vegetables and fruits into electricity.

The fee includes all the parts and tools needed to make the device. There
are twelve places available per workshop.
Age 10-99 years. The workshop will last about 4 hours. Fee: 15€ per person.

Workshop participant Petra Trefzger wrote: “Since I put my circuit in a yoghurt cup it sounds a little bit louder. The rasberries on the terrace squeak shrilly.”