Saturday June 8th, 2013

Fresh Music for Rotten Vegetables — Festival der Regionen


8 – 16 June / daily

In workshops, small sound generators made from cheap electronic parts are constructed. The devices are supplied with current and controlled by old fruit and vegetables. If, for instance, two metal electrodes are stuck into a potato, a chemical reaction comes about that generates electric current. All the circuits built will be used for a sound installation. Matched to one another, they form an aleatoric musical piece. The project’s title refers to Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables, the debut of the Californian political punk band, Dead Kennedys, from 1980. In the thoroughly polemical songs they criticize and caricature social inequality.

Workshop takes app. 2 hours, concert with all participants app. 15 minutes, limited number (10) of participants per workshop, Fee per person € 10,– for electronic parts and materials. Registration with indication of date at  tickets@fdr.atWeb-Registration or phone +43(0)680 – 401 39 73.