Friday November 23rd, 2018

Future Soundscapes

Festival at silent green
November 23-25, 2018

Karl Heinz Jeron: eWalk and Sound-Installation „When Trees Sing“
Sound Walk: For this audio walk for up to 20 participants a magnetic field detector will be used to get directions. While walking through Berlin-Wedding Sound Walk guide Karl Heinz Jeron will retrieve Berlin-Wedding street names with the help of GPS coordinates and the OpenStreetMap and will use them as search terms on Excerpts of the results will be converted to audio and broadcasted to the radios of the participants. Sound Walk draws on Guy Debord’s psychogeography as developed by the Situationist International, specifially on the concepts of dérive or détournement, a form of „drifting“ whichinvolves walking around and trying to follow the emotional and psychological trajectories of an urban environment.

When Trees Sing is a sound installation comprising only custom electronic oscillators. Wherever electric current exists, a magnetic field is also induced. Like any living organism, trees utilize electric current to power their own biological functions, generating weak magnetic fields. This installation makes use of a noncontact method for measuring electric fields for the sonification of a tree on the silent green premises – the audience will experience the metabolism of the tree as music and sound.