Friday September 13th, 2019

In A Drunken Moment of Exaltation

Capta Lux Studios Via Girolamo Rossi, 33 48121 Ravenna
13. September 20h

Sculptures and paintings by Karl Heinz Jeron  (Athens) and Bacco Artolini (Ravenna).

The collaboration of Bacco Artolini and Karl Heinz Jeron show some fundamental ideas they have in common.
Their work exist in a state of potentiality. It is informed by the digital even when not in digital format, it is shaped by a sense of data excess and data vulnerability through technology.

Their art relates to the resonant qualities of all things and organisms, the perpetual dynamic exchange of initiating and responding, from the micro to the systemic. These artworks are not fixed things. They are mutable. They extend to include organic and inorganic intensities. They are fundamentally in a state of exchange, negotiation or reconfiguration. They exist in a state of potential.