March, 2014

Line Follower Robot

A Line Follower is a simple machine that follows a line, either a black line on white surface or vise-versa.

Take part in the Line Follower Robot workshop. Build your own Line Follower robot from the most affordable electronic parts and let your robot take part in the Line Follower robot race competition.

We are surrounded by game consoles, computers and the like. All these devices are presented as black boxes; exploratory dismantling and reassembly of these products seems not really worthwhile. This is where this workshop is positioned.

In the workshop, complicated high technology is broken down to a playful level and a creative approach to technology is presented. The focus lies, in contrast to school, in a joyful and playful experience of electronics.

Worksho participants learn how these components can create playful robots. This is done without using any prefabricated parts – they make everything themselves. Through this process, electronic elements appear no longer as mysterious objects that require years of study to understand, but understandable building blocks, even for interested non-specialists.

Within the workshop we will build linefollower robots from the most affordable materials.
There is a Line Follower race at the end of the workshop.

Check out the prototype on Youtube:


  • 1pcs TRANSISTOR BC 875 or BD 679A
  • 1pcs TRANSISTOR BC 337-40
  • 1pcs RESISTOR 5,6k 0,1 W
  • 1pcs RESISTOR 220 Ohm 0,1 W
  • 2pcs DC-MOTORS
  • 1pcs BATTERY HOLDER 9v Block
  • 9v Battery