Thursday July 23rd, 2020

Out of the cube, Into the Green

Phoenix Athens
87, Asklipiou, Neapoli, Athens, 11472

Opening: 23/07 @6pm

Running: 24.07 – 23.08

Phoenix Athens is delighted to announce the opening of Out of the cube, Into the Green. The exhibition features works by Stefanos Kornilios and Pavlos Palourias of Nilware, Vasilis Galanis, Karl Heinz Jeron, Ioanna Lin, Eleni Tsamadia and Dimitri Yin.

The garden or κήπος in Greek is a sacred part of both classical and modern Greek heritage and continues to be a sanctuary that offers respite, healing and inspiration for Athenians.
For this exhibition, the artists explore the garden as a frontier between the man-made, nature, and the unexplored unknown (for there are also a great many gardens we may never visit in our lifetimes) from both a philosophical and a physical standpoint.