Sunday January 26th, 2020

Planned Obsolescence

opening: 26.01.2020 / 3-6 pm
duration: 27.01. – 09.02.2020
open each tuesday and thursday 3 – 6 pm and by appointment
mp43 – projektraum für das periphere
Stollbergerstraße 73 / 12627 Berlin
(entrance Kastanienboulevard)

Planned Obsolescence is the deliberate incorporation of weak points into products in order to shorten their service span. In some cases, extra mechanisms are designed to disable a device after a specified number of operating hours. In the eponymous installation in the mp43 project room, a sculpture stands in the middle of the room under a heavy weight suspended from the ceiling. An apparatus saws at the suspension. It is triggered by opening the entrance door ans starts working for a few seconds. Sometime during the exhibition, the weight falls on the sculpture and destroys it.
Planned obsolescence is the third presentation of the `Draußen nur Kännchen`-series (`outside jugs only`) at the mp43 – project space for the peripheral .
`Draußen nur Kännchen` is an exhibition- and project-series of 6 individual presentations whithin 7 artists. The series will be organized in 2019 and 2020 in the mp43 – project space for the peripheral’
In the project series the artists will deal discursively with the topic of the relationship between artistic strategies, consumer orientation and the commercial world of goods.
The project participates in the national and international discourse on economization and commercialization of society. The selected artists pick up this discourse and work on it in an artistic action.