Adib Fricke vs. Polygonatum

October 6th, 2001  | Categories: Bidder vs. Adib Fricke

Situation in the Public White Cube after auction no. 1471130035

Modified by the bidder: “Polygonatum”

Acceptance of bid at 34,- DM (17,38 EUR) on 06 October 2001, 14:04 h

The modification request of the bidder on 6 October 2001 at 11:06 reads as following:

“Put up a simple green shrub in the selling pot on the floor on the opposite wall from SWOKS. The pot has a white label with the botanic and the German name of the plant. Light the room as it was. The table and the chairs are put aside and stacked as not needed.

If possible the plant should be a kind of Fescue=Festuca gautieri”

The plant deployed in the exhibition space is supplied with a paper sign reading “Bärenfellgras Festuca scoparia“. Bärenfellgras and Bärenfellschwingel are the german synonyms to Festuca gautieri and Festuca scoparia.

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