Things are getting serious

November 12th, 2008  | Categories: Bidder vs. 10lb Ape

On 13th November, at 12 noon in San Francisco and 9 pm in Berlin, the first auction begins that could give you power over the 1st Public White Cube. As from Thursday, you can bid for the right to manipulate an artwork in a museum. No museum attendant can stop you and no curator will dictate to you (unless, of course, you break the law – but you weren’t planning on that, anyway).

But before you can get down to work, beat all your fellow bidders, and send your desired change to us (immediately after the end of the auction on Sunday, please), two other individuals have already tampered with the art. 10lb Ape were pretty thorough at the opening performance. For hours, they sat in their absolutely not white cube, which is known in the museum unofficially and not terribly flatteringly as the “Club-House”: they held the door closed from inside and threw everything out of the window that they had hung up to decorate the interior. Or to put it more precisely, they threw things through flaps in the wall that were disguised as pictures. A broom flew out. Paper flew out. A clavinet was launched at the visitors. It was a fine spectacle – the audience was amused, and the artists were happy. In the SF MOMA, they set up the least pure White Cube that anyone can remember.

Now it’s your turn to have your say. Yesterday at Sotheby’s, someone bid 21.362.500 for Yves Klein’s “Archisponge (RE 11)”. The PWC auction will be cheaper. Do what you want to do – in a museum. Show 10lb Ape that more can be done with a sculpture than just sitting in it and tidying up. As from Sunday, you too can be a museum artist.

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