Wrapped 10lb Ape

December 1st, 2008  | Categories: Bidder vs. 10lb Ape

First someone wanted to blast it … and then actually only photograph it. Then it was exposed to a slimy, morally-compromised video. Now someone else dares to completely alter 10lb Ape’s clunky mess of a sculpture.

Interestingly, this suggestion didn’t even come from the art world, but from the world of interior design, decoration and furnishing. Jeanne Henzel Swartz of Oakland, who easily won the third auction with a bid of 203 euros (257,69 dollars), would like to partially upholster 10lb Ape’s fragmented and cross-grained monstrosity, then completely cover it with fabric so its chaotic structure mostly disappears. Only in a few spots should the power of the old scruff be allowed to peek through the new, elegant attire. Swartz has also thought of her predecessors: Tim Roseboroughs’ photos should be integrated into the covering and last week’s video should be covered as well and used as a light source.

Has someone really, out of sympathy, sewn this poor sculpture a slipcover and protective casing against the craziness of the world – which the Public White Cube’s gates are wide open to? Maybe. Or should the entire heap of trash simply be swept under the rug? Again, maybe. In any case, Swartz isn’t yet sure how her proposal will concretely look. Before she nails down the details, she’d like to see the colossus up close and personal, take its measurements and figure out exact amount of fabric she needs to completely wrap the messy heap. We’re very interested in seeing the results and eagerly await her intervention this coming Wednesday.

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