Sand Sculpture

January 6th, 2009  | Categories: Bidder vs. Ledia Carroll

There have always been global centres in art. You need only think of the Italian Renaissance in architecture and painting, or recall the French Baroque in music. Today, there can be no doubt that the centre of world sand-sculpture art is Holland, where the World Sand Sculpting Academy is located near Den Haag. Its aim to establish “formats, standards, rules and regulations” for international competitions promises a heyday of sand sculpture in the not-too-distant future.

So it is all the better for the WSSA – and for us – that sand sculpture is now due to return to the place where it had a missionary significance in the past. In California, Christian missionaries once carved out biblical scenes in the sand. Now the winning bidder in our most recent auction intends to transform the 1st Public White Cube in the SFMOMA into a sand sculpture. He has divulged no more than this. We are awaiting news from San Jose, the home of our anonymous sculptor.

Already, he has had us inform the museum staff that he understands his proposal as a “conceptual” intervention. He also wishes to control any communication concerning his intervention. So we obviously have an author here; a director at the threshold to the PWC who will make his mark with tracks in our sand. He is certainly keeping up the suspense: we wait to hear about further refinements to his project in the course of the night.

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