Our first winner of the year in 2009 is quite serious

January 7th, 2009  | Categories: Bidder vs. Ledia Carroll

Our first winner of the year in 2009 is quite serious about controlling all communications, as he already informed us via the management of the SFMoMA on Monday. First of all, he has remained incognito for longer than has been customary to date, and he also made us wait for a long time before letting us know what he actually intends to do with his right to intervene in the Public White Cube. And now this: we wants to re-hang our webcam – at least for the duration of the installation, if not for the whole exhibition – and to keep full control over the resulting visual material so that it doesn’t “fall into bad hands”.

And why? Our bidder, who – in his own words – is a semi-professional sand sculptor, doesn’t want his competitors outside to watch the way that he works. He doesn’t wish to betray his alchemistic tricks, his secret knowledge about compression, sticking together and modelling, which he will employ – as he announced – to simply construct a four foot high cone in one of Ledia Carroll’s sand dunes. For, if we can credit his words, there is a lot of excitement in the sand art scene of the Bay Area about the fact that someone will be going to work, not as usual on the beach or the car park of the local shopping mall, but in a proper museum.

So who knows, perhaps we will soon see the start of a battle of the local sand sculptors, who – after hard-won bouts of bidding – will move into the Public White Cube like a gladiators’ arena, one after another. An exciting prospect. Oh yes – so what is his name, our first winner? In the meantime, we are permitted to – indeed we should – leak his identity to the public. The final words in his short email to us were: “Feel free to let people know my name, now. It will make them jealous. :)”. Well then – the best of luck, Arthur Basille!

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