9 to 5 — Meantime Cheltenham UK

By Karl Heinz Jeron • 31 Jul 2008

31st July – 15th August 2008

„Karl-Heinz Jeron arrived from Berlin for a two-week residency at MEANTIME.

Following his ‚Will Work for Food‘ project, KH conceived 9-5, a robotic vehicle that works for the minimum wage, making visual the immaterial labour of a working day in an office. The robot was installed in a  marketing company’s offices, and spent its time transmitting wireless data traffic to a sharp point, which scratched a painted surface – in this case the colours of the company’s livery: „It’s all about service“, Karl Heinz stressed. Further information at  http://9-5.jeron.org/

Many thanks to Tangible Response, Cheltenham.“


Oxford Passage

off St Margaret’s Road

Cheltenham GL50 4EF