Sunday February 6th, 2011

Workshop — Transmediale

6 Feb 2010 in Berlin

Transmediale Workshop Karl Heinz JeronWe will build electronic audio devices from the most affordable materials.

Children today are surrounded by game consoles, computers and the like. All these devices are presented as black boxes; exploratory dismantling and reassembly of these products is not really worthwhile. This is where this workshop is positioned. Truly creative sound bricolage requires much more know-how than simply obtaining sampled sounds from a digital device. Through the building of a basic electronic musical instrument, the foundational principles of sound production are explained. For this, components from everyday electronics are used. Children learn how these components can create playful tones. This is done without using any prefabricated parts – they make everything themselves. Through this process, electronic elements appear no longer as mysterious objects that require years of study to understand, but understandable building blocks, even for interested non-specialists.

In the workshop, complicated high technology is broken down to a playful level and a creative approach to technology is presented. The focus lies, in contrast to school, in a joyful and playful experience of electronics. In the process, fundamental knowledge is delivered, a creative approach to technology is facilitated and ways to realise original sound ideas are shown.

Transmediale Workshop Karl Heinz Jeron Schaltplan