Karl Heinz Jeron

Karl Heinz Jeron / mail@khjeron.de 
Genslerstr. 13, 13055 Berlin Germany
Aristotelous 130, Athens 112 51, Greece

tax ID DE200415081





Karl Heinz Jeron was born in Memmingen, Germany in 1962. He lives and works in Athens Greece and Berlin Germany. His art deals with every day culture, media perception and information processing. Jeron’s works span from the singing and dancing robot Sim Gishel, to compositions for electrified rotten vegetables and audio tour guides in onshore wind farms. Recent exhibitions, events and collaborations include Athens Digital Arts Festival, ZKM Karlsruhe, Ars Electronica Linz, Documenta X, ICA London, Walker Art Museum Minneapolis, Berlinischen Galerie Berlin and the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco.

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I am interested in sound and movement all as cycles of construction and destruction in an era that is marked by the direction of advanced digitization. I explore the ability of sound to reshape, unfold and energize our perception of space, looking into the acoustic property of objects and forms that surround us. My artworks are not fixed things. They extend to include organic and inorganic intensities. They are fundamentally in a state of exchange, negotiation or reconfiguration. They exist in a state of potential. They are informed by the digital even when not in digital format, These works are shaped by a sense of data excess and data vulnerability through technology. My art relates to the resonant qualities of all things and organisms, the perpetual dynamic exchange of initiating and responding, from the micro to the systemic. I am interested in site specificy and the constant change of hybrid states of transit places. I am concerned with the questions of what changes, and above all how something new emerges.‚Äč