July, 2015

Hypothetical Machines

Enactments of social media content

These hypothetical machines are present but not quite legible. They exist in a state of potentiality. They are informed by the digital even when not in digital format, they are shaped by a sense of data excess and data vulnerability.

They are about thought-experiments and speculative enactements.

Things Are Not So Motionless After All – Youtube Playlist

Nothing is real – everything is possible? The enormous pool of data and the all- and ever-pervasive images of digital pop-culture lead to a virtualization of identity, attributing a higher degree of existence to the comments of social network platforms than that afforded to the true self. Jeron’s work grapples with the effect of this “as-if” form of authenticity on the possibility of identity construction. The more active we are on the internet, the more opportunities we create for internet companies to calculate and predict our preferences and their corresponding behaviors. In effect, this algorithmic personalization reduces the human being to one singular identity. Whoever claims that human beings have only one identity denies the various layers that comprise the human.