The Chewing Gum Man Is Listening To The Radio With His Friends

Karl Heinz Jeron

plastic, wire, concrete, radio, radio sender, soundscape

An installation with small hybrid creatures and a radio program. The soundscape consists of field recordings and generative audio works. The radio program can be received on 107.9 FM near the project space with normal radios or a smartphone app.

The program:
ASMR, a text-based Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) broadcast. ASMR is an extremely successful YouTube format.
Chewing Gum Radio, an audio collage with field recordings and soundscapes from the past 30 years 
Serendipity. Random numbers are read that correspond to very strong cryptographic requirements. 
Chorus Waves, soundscape with NASA field recordings 
Everyday Life. Artificial intelligence was trained with everyday noises to produce music.
Myspam. The spam collection by Stefan Riebel. Since May 2012, he has been collecting a selection of the numerous spam mails that reach him every day. Every day he selects an email and archives it on his blog at 
Vernissage. An art critic discusses works during exhibition openings without naming the title and authors.