Paint By Numbers

Karl Heinz Jeron

“Paint By Numbers” is about serendipity. It deals with the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.
What is random and what is it good for.
Not only cryptography requires good random numbers. Serendipity is about predestination and Tychismus.
There are countless discoveries and inventions based on chance or clumsiness, including: Tesa tape is unfortunately a too strong adhesive Leukoplast. Post-it should be a super glue once. Charles Goodyear invented vulcanization by muddleheadedness.

Chocolate Cookies were invented by Ruth Wakefield, as she tried to make chocolate chip cookies. She did not have the right chocolate, which is why she broke up a chocolate bar and gave the pieces into the batter mixture. This created what we now know as chocolate cookies.
We should allow more serendipity and do not just rely on algorithms such as “Hummingbird”.

Paint by Numbers

random numbers spoken by the figure in the back
there is a color marker attached to the movable sculpture in the front
you are allowed to move the figure on the playground according to the spoken numbers