January, 2021

The Visitors

The scenography combines paper sculptures and text with a software defined radio (SDR) soundtrack to create  thought experiments. SDR is a radio communication system which uses software for the modulation and demodulation of satelite signals.

It is a process-based practice using context as mutable source material.

In this enactment ‘worldmaking’ is used as a framework for pluralistic, imaginative scenario development. The point of departure is a practice to embrace uncertainty, discomfort and knowledge gaps. The Visitors holds that there is no singular, objective world (or “real reality”), and instead that worlds are multiple, constructed through creative processes instead of given, and always in the process of becoming. The Visitors is a free-floating, makeshift mental space for thought experiments and improvisations of all kinds. It represents a data metabolism that regurgitates all the information rushing through the ether. It is a space of possibilites for new things that understands context as material.

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