January, 2015


One year long every day a new video with animatronics and postings tagged with #me.

identity construction through  social media

#me mimicks the conditions of social media. This work does not answer the multiplicity of identities, but takes up everything in its infinite soliloquy. Animatronics recite content from social network platforms, hinting at the role of Twitter, Facebook, Google & Co. in identity construction. Only postings tagged with #me have been used. #me is a taphole in social media.

Youtube playlist #me

The method used in #me – an algorithm has been placed into position to search for “me” in social networks – plays with a recurrent theme in Jeron’s work, Serendipity.

The algorithm generates identity. Like a synthesizer, #me creates a composition out of what is and what could be. “I am another”, credo and tactic of the avant-garde lyrics of modernity, immersed suddenly from the surface of the comments on Twitter and Facebook, not as a poetic formulation, but in the form of the dissociated subject that emerges out of the nothingness. The mirror stage of the media society is reached.