#me – identity construction through  social media

Animatronics recite content from social network platforms, hinting at the role of Twitter, Facebook, Google & Co. in identity construction. Only postings tagged with #me have been used. #me is a taphole in social media.

The method used in #me – an algorithm has been placed into position to search for “me” in social networks – plays with a recurrent theme in Jeron’s work: Serendipity.

The algorithm generates identity. Like a synthesizer, #me creates a composition out of what is and what could be. “I am another”, credo and tactic of the avant-garde lyrics of modernity, immersed suddenly from the surface of the comments on Twitter and Facebook, not as a poetic formulation, but in the form of the dissociated subject that emerges out of the nothingness. The mirror stage of the media society is reached.

Youtube playlist #me