Fresh Music For Rotten Vegetables

Karl Heinz Jeron • 2011

Workshop and participatory installation with DIY audio devices. The circuits are powered and controlled by fruits and vegetables.

The participatory and exciting installation of media artist Karl Heinz Jeron draws attention to a further aspect of our dealing with resources: In supermarkets and markets, the artist asks for overripe fruit and vegetables that are usually sorted out and deemed unsaleable for optical reasons. With this surplus disregarded by our affluent society, Jeron, in his workshops, composes “Fresh Music for Rotten Vegetables”. The electronic devices built by the participants are controlled and fed by current generated by use of the collected vegetables. According to the state of the vegetables, the sound, the colour of the sound, and the volume of the sound are varied. Thus, an improvised piece of music is created from the most simple parts, and a garnish.
The sound installation refers to the concept of aleatory music, based on aspects of chance and improvisation, as used by John Cage, Pierre Boulez, and Iannis Xenakis. Karl Heinz Jeron, furthermore, was inspired by the debut album of the Californian punk band Dead Kennedys called “Fresh Fruit for the Rotting Vegetables”, released in 1980. In their lyrics, the members of the band express their critical attitude toward social inequality.

The participants of the workshop will present a performance of the sound installation at the opening of the exhibition.

Workshop Installation Concert


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Schöppingen Object

The Fresh Music for Rotten Vegetables musical instrument has been build for the Kraftwerk Schöppingen Project.

5 Responses

  1. Domink Landwehr
  2. Die Kartoffel fiept: Künstler macht aus Gemüse Musik

    MÜNSTER Künstler Karl Heinz Jeron baut aus altem Obst und Gemüse ein Orchester und macht damit Musik. In einem Schrebergarten in Münster lud er zum Konzert mit Kartoffeln.

    Konzert mit alten Lebensmitteln: Die Kartoffel fiept: Künstler macht aus Gemüse Musik – Lesen Sie mehr auf:;art2551,1379694#2058445005

  3. Wie der Apfel klingt – Künstler musiziert mit faulen Früchten

  4. Im Garten ist längst das erste Fallobst zu Boden gegangen. Auf den Kompost damit? Auch gut. Aber eigentlich eine echte Verschwendung. Denn in jedem der angefaulten Äpfel, in jeder der wurmstichigen Pflaumen steckt ein musikalisches Talent.
    Wie es hervorzulocken ist, zeigt uns Karl Heinz Jeron.

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    The Other Side of Consumption
    by Susan Strasser

    Potato battery could help meet rural energy needs
    by James Dacey

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